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Talent Club's Members

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Here we keep an account of our Members type A and B, with a necessary information about them. New members are requested send us the required information.
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:iconfalname: falname
she has studied in fine arts uni, in accessories design. she just wants to share her art and of course wants to meet other talented artists.

:iconfrenchieninotchka: FrenchieNinotchka
She is 24 and is French-Brazilian. She is a self-taught artist.
Her art has the aim of showing the elegance, glamour and beauty every woman has inside of themselves.

:iconjonathan-moore: Jonathan-Moore
FurmanJon is a 25 year-old pencil artist who has been drawing as long as he could hold a pencil without poking his eye out. New to DA as well as a new father, he is working on his infant-holding-while-drawing technique.

:iconfawcette: fawcette
fawcette is a free-time-killer by making experiments on different kinds of photos. her favourite photos are the macro ones, with very sharp details.

:iconfleacartasi: fleacartasi
Sara, almost 19 years old, italian. She's a member since 2004, and she has recently bought a new camera to improve her photography and erased most of her old deviations.

:iconfrigid-flames: Frigid-Flames
Cameron is a varied artist who has his strongest points in graphite and charcoal/chalk; however he's capable with other media such as: acrylic, oil, , watercolor, pen and ink, photography, and even ceramics.



:icong5powerpc: g5powerpc
38 year old male, happly married with 3 children. Loves drawing portraits but is now interested in pushing his skills to the next level. He feels that a connecting with a community of skilled artist will be just the thing to inspire this passion.

:icongollumsmeagol: GollumSmeagol
Self-taught pencil artist from the New England area. Enjoys drawing portraits and everything Tolkien!

:icongalifardeu: galifardeu
Is a 28 guy from barcelona who likes conceptual photography and fine irony in the images. he likes to distinguish creations from representations, and thinks the former are far more meritorious.

:icongumimacikiller: gumimacikiller
She recently joined Dev in hopes of improving her photography skills. Enjoys listening to music and reading books, loves taking pictures too, although she admits shes not very talented. Joined the talent club to get tips and tools of the trade from what she likes to call 'Real Artists'.

:icongustavoleal: gustavoleal
He was born In Caracas, Venezuela. He is about 5'9" and he weigths about 210 pounds. He has a ligth skin and he always laughs. He has an excellent personality and always helps!!!..He is a really good person. He has always paint... and he started to study when he was 15 with a teacher fron Spain... a great artist. He study with him for about 7 years. He came to the states in 1977 but he never study art.... He study Marketing... He has been doing that for many years and his art became his hobby.

:icongataomaluco: gataomaluco
He is a photographer. He's playing around with both digital and film cameras, with some good results in both area. He's been taking pictures ever since he was a child, always loved pohtography. Here on DA he published both old photographs (mostly in the area of landscapes and city life) and new works where he showed some interesting point of view in city life and streetshooting.

:icongamechaser: Gamechaser
Everything in his gallery was done mainly for fun in those little bits of free time and with all the inspiration a busy student in University might have

:icongwenives: gwenives
19 years old. living in ireland, self taught artist. Nearly all her paintings have hidden meaning, you just have to know where to look.

:icongreeneyedharpy: GreenEyedHarpy
GreenEyedHarpy is a photographic artist. She has recently specialised in artistic nude and nature photographs, but she has a diverse taste and range of work.


:iconherevilgothmajesty:  HerEvilGothMajesty
She is a pencilartist from the Netherlands. She is 16 years old and she loves to join this great club.

:iconharutakeshi: HaruTakeshi
Romina Pallotta, 25. She lives in Argentina and love paint with her tablet. Is a DAadict and she likes see the works of the others deviants. Is happy painting. Painting for her is like a nirvana.

Hallucinogenius, born on April Fools Day 1993 in China, works in traditional media, mainly with pencil but occasionally with charcoal or paints. He draws mainly portraits and figures, but also draws body parts to improve anatomical knowledge. He is also trying (yes, trying) to teach himself to use Adobe Photoshop. He is currently taking his art GCSEs in the UK.

:iconhamrani: Hamrani
Hamrani is a talented digital photographer.
His pageviews number now is: 8400.

:iconhiroko-phobia: Hiroko-Phobia
She loves to draw and design things. She prefers to shade her works well.

:iconhippyofdoom: hippyofdoom
18 year old who specialises in realistic portraits.

Self-taught, largely in traditional art. She occasionally likes to experiment with photography. Her strength, however, lies in drawing. It is her favorite and best medium, despite the fact that it is certainly her slowest. Currently an Art student in high school.

:iconheddag: HeddaG
Hedda just turned 26, Art History Student in Sweden, used to study traditional animation in Australia, Brisbane. She has been drawing most fantasy lately but loves all kinds of art expressions, oil painting, reality, abstract, illustration, cartoony things and more!
She hopes to work in a gallery soon in the future...

:iconhulksmash25: hulksmash25
A professional deep sea diver/student going to school for multimedia/fine art. Works with mechanical pencils, acrylic, oil. Prefered medium is Digital art. Enjoys Fantasy, Horror, Sci fi art.

:iconhellnigno: Hellnigno
He is a 26 year old self-taught artist living in Italy.
He like traditional art and doing experiment with many different media to find his personal style.

:iconhagrid78: hagrid78
Hagrid78 is a mother of 5 and a pencil artist who learnt how to draw traditional portraits from her father.she also does a little bit of color using acrylics,oils,pencils and pastels but cant get the same affect as the humble 2b pencil will give her.

:iconhattr1ck: HATTR1CK
Zaid is a conceptual Artist,who likes to create new models of
cars,and also modifying them ...his aim is to become more creative every time he draws...

:iconhoney10: Honey10
Honey10 is a very hard working artist...
he works hard on his skill detail and always looks forward to improve on his art..
he has yet a lot to learn and is always up to challenges..
he can accomplish almost anything he sets his creative mind to when it comes to new projects involving art..whether it is painting working with pastels pencils etc...
he is applying in alot of art universities for next year!
he is a very active dA community person whether it is submitting art for other clubs or just helping out people on dA and also always always always likes to enter contests, and also be involved within clubs....
he might not be entirely onto perfection..but is near that isn't always about perfection...its about seeing something u believe is trough and inspirational! and also expressing yourself in you own way!

:iconhartnett: hartnett
Hartnett comes from the land of ice and snow....also known as Canada. He is self taught and deals primarily with 3D mediums but as of late has been trying his hand at other methods and mediums.

:iconhellien: Hellien
Marc-André Huot is a traditional artist and he painting most of the time in acrylic. Inspired by the nature, he also does funny zombie pictures signed under the name of Hellien.

:iconhasanaliakhtar: hasanaliakhtar
He is a student of multimedia and a CG Artist as well. He is currently studying at Arena Multimedia Karachi. He is interested in art direction, cinematography, painting and sketching, photography, graphic designing and all types of digital art stuff.


:iconthiswomanwanders: ThisWomanWanders
Specializing in Nature Photography, J. L. Gould's (aka ImpedOut here on Deviant Art) main objective is to bring attention to environmental issues by showcasing what it is we have to protect.  

:iconinsanekane87: InsaneKane87
Bruce born and raised in southfield MI, he has been drawing ever since he could put a pencil in his hand! He really got into art when he was 15 years old! He recently had a job, but quit it so he could be on DA more and work on his art! Hes truly a dedicated member to DA and loves art! He has come such a long way in one year of being on DA from all the wonderful support!

:icongiada-c: Giada-C
Giada, 25 years old girl from Italy. Drawing is her passion since she was little ,she works mostly with pencils (colour and graphite)and enjoys drawing portraits but soon she will try to use her immagination more.

:iconimbrokentoday: imbrokentoday
She's a 15 year-old girl from Canada, loves to take photos and draw during her free time.

:iconisavien: Isavien
Isavien is an architecture student, who recently concentrates on improving her drawing skills as well as enjoying new camera, which means taking pictures of everything that doesnt move too fast

:iconilanya: ilanya
25 years old artist living in Israel who just started drawing a year ago. The artist's favorite medium are pencils and pastels.

:iconintrinsicvalue: intrinsicvalue
A college student in the San Diego area who took an interest in photography in March 2005. She's never taken a class but enjoys experimenting and recently just purchased her first DSLR.

:iconinthename: inthename
Sabrina has a passion for black and white psychedelic/ abstract art. Her style is chaotic and mind boggling , full of pattern and detail that will leave you wondering where in the world she comes up with this stuff. Sabrina designed tattoo flash work for 6 years locally for tattoo shops and for her husband who was a tattoo artist for easyriders in Columbus Ohio.



:iconjjara: jjara
She is 20 years old. She started to draw recently (February 2008) and she fell in love with this form of art. She's still learning but improving fast. She also plays the violin.

:iconjessie145: jessie145
She is a traditional artist...16 years old and lives in Netherlands and LOVES to draw!!
:iconjpcespedes: JPCespedes
Is a chilean traditional -very traditional, even photoshop-phobic- illustrator who has experimented with a lot of styles and mediums across his life but now wants to stand loyal to a figurative style; his favourites subjects to draw and paint are nature, animals, fantasy, mythology, portraits of famous musicians and scenes from the Bible and sacred art.

:iconjoouheika: Joouheika
Joouheika is a 22 years Algerian girl, she is deviant since 30 October 2007. She has 700 pageviews.

:iconjowo: Jowo
She loves good art - both admiring and creating. She loves painting and pencil drawing. She is improving her skills in every free moment, which she hasn't got in plenty coz of her jouralist's job. So she loves not only drawing and painting but also writing (press articles). From time to time she also takes photographs - (also for the press). She makes press illustrations too (mostly in black ink).

:iconj-young: J-young Joshua Lee is eighteen years old. he goes to college and is currently majoring in fine arts. He mostly draws and sketches and he enjoys painting, using acrylic.

:iconjustyce: Justyce
22 years old, from Poland, self taught pencil artist. She started about 8 years ago. In the beginning she totally dedicated to manga style, after few years she discovered and improved her own style.
She mostly draws portraits, but with a large dose of surreal elements combined with ornaments.

:iconjazzdiaz: jazzdiaz
Fine Arts Student, who is into Symbolism and Surrealism..

:iconjennifurret: Jennifurret
She is 18 years old and has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Her house is cluttered with her various artwork, which is mainly comprised of realistic pencil drawings and various oil paintings. Oddly enough, she's going to study Genetic Biology in college.

:iconjdew14: jdew14
Jayden westhead, a varied artist. Loves photography and photoshop, and is getting better at it.

:iconjulie-dark: Julie-Dark
Xiana, i'm 15
She always likes drawing, and now she is learning digital drawing and has some cool animation in her gallery.

:iconjoequakze: JoeQuakze
From Singapore. Used pen and ink ever since he begun his career as a illustrator/comic artist. Loves horror/macabre/blood/violence gore stuffs... but  draws fanarts too, anime/game/manga.

:icondaosx: DaosX
22 year old traditional pencil artist living in the United States. Works primarily in fantasy art, creating original characters and storylines. Is looking to possibly create a webcomic in the future. In his free time, he loves watching movies and listening to soft rock.

:juusan13: deeJuusan
Living at Jordan at the moment. 20 years old artist studying Architecture.
Used to draw anime, but not just draws anything. Works everyday more and more on improving.

:iconjesusking1: Jesusking1
Illustrator who specializes in Fantasy, comics and spiritual artwork. Works with oils, color pencil, pencil and pen & ink and enjoys helping others with their artwork.

:iconjleethinks: jLeeTHiNKS
Jonathan Lee (jLeeTHiNKs), is a photographer who grew up in Austin, Texas but moved to Taipei, Taiwan before High School. Although photography for him is just a hobby, Jonathan plans to apply to a few art schools this year.

:iconjackslilsparrow: jackslilsparrow
She is 19 years old and a traditional artist. She mostly favors doing portraits, but tries new medias to broaden her horizons. They hope that by joining this club, inspiration will come again.

:iconjudylee: judylee
Judylee is a self taught watercolour artist. She has been painting for six years and lives in Northern Nevada. She especially enjoys painting landscapes, flowers and more recently birds. Always learning and growing in the medium, she participates in many art shows in Nevada and surrounding states. Her hobbies include photography, hiking and gardening.

:iconjedimasterpaul: jedimasterpaul
Paul D Robertson is pretty cool. Well. he is ok I guess. He paints, draws and writes continually. So much that it seems to have left him a little bafflled and confused about participation in society as a whole. He plays guitar and writes songs normally getting paint all over guitar and whatever he is writing lyrics on. he has never been able to hold a job. he IS a kind person, though he is definitely a bit WEIRD... part of the bipolar disorder and so on it seems. He has been scraping a living as a full time artist for 6 years now. He hasn't starved quite to death, but this is probably because his friends make him eat when they see him. He always forgets to. He did actually get SCURVY when much younger.

:iconschmauserphoto: SchmauserPhoto
Justin has been taking photographs for over 5 years now, finally making the switch to digital a year ago. He takes all types of photography, including stock with his girlfriend and photojournalism for the local newspaper, and plans to major in photography in college.

:iconjullia-jullia: jullia-jullia
Jullia (Anca Hodoroaba) was born in 1984 in Romania. She is a traditional art lover and she likes to discover the world's beauty with the pencil.

:iconjernclaus: jernclaus
Basically he works with Photoshop to make car renders, but sometimes he does other things than only car renders: photography, hand drawings and a project called "Maxmillian".



:iconkrissi001: Krissi001
Her Real name is Kristina, she is 19 years old and has just started drawing for about 6 months ago. She is born in Germany, she loves to draw Portraits...Some Art teachers told her in school that she has got some drawing talent... She is always happy to see the drawings of other artists to improve her own work...

:iconkufka: kufka
She is a talented Jewellery Designer from Poland.

:iconkaitlyn7391:  kaitlyn7391 said the following:
Kaitlyn is 16 and has been drawing for about a year. Drawing is her absolute favorite thing to do, but between college classes, 2 jobs, and a bit of a life, she doesn't get to draw as often as she would like. She really only draws portraits because of the detail involved, but is always open to suggestions..

:iconk-hallowseve: k-hallowseve
She is 19 years old, and lives in the US.  Pencil is her medium of choice, though she sometimes dabble in photography and poetry. She loves to write, and will eventually post some story material. She is a college student, but she doesn't have a particular major at the moment. She has 7 original characters, and will someday start a collaborated comic with her friend, m-kunoya.

:iconkurakurokuru: kurakurokuru
She is a teen that loves to draw her feelings,dreams,wishes. She is a little goth but all of her drawings express her real feelings. She thinks she should join because she (thinks she...)can draw...And she also sings and writes(or at least tries).

:iconkronk023: Kronk023
He is a 25 year old man, who started in photography when he was at school in NY last year. He has always loved taking pictures but never really had the chance or camera to do much of anything with. A friend started him on his way; showing him different techniques and just motivating him to keep going. His first photos were a little on the crappy side but have improved over the last few months.

:iconkookookim: kookookim
kookookim is an 8th grader. she goes to school at rogers capa. her major is visual arts. her favorite sport is judo (a martial art) and soccer. she hates homework and people who chew gum next to her. her fave color is dark green. she babysits little kids to get money...and then she likes to spend her money on a lot of stuff she does not need. her fave bands are korn, system of a down, slipknot, salem, canibal corps, disturebed, anti flag, rage agiants the machein, coal chamber, tool, and a lot of bands that she can't think of rite now...her fave program on TV is the Simpsons, and she also likes to watch a lot of cartoons, and cheep programs. her fave subject in school is art.

:iconkeshuval: keshuval
KeshuvaL is 19 years old, living in Denmark and loves photography.

:iconklsadako: KLSADAKO
He is a 26 year old self-taught pencil artist living in London.
He enjoys drawing Portraits.

:iconkeylimepie: Keylimepie
She's a poet. She's been writing everything from short stories and poetry since the age of 8. most of her poetry is very personal, and is usually autobiographical. the moods range from angsty to upbeat and rhyming and unrhyming. She puts all emotion she has into her writing.

:iconkichi89: KICHI89
KICHI89 (Josh Polito) is a realism artsist out of Cali. USA. His style of work does branch out a bit, but being a newer artist he still has alot to learn. most of his pictures are done in pencil, but KICHI89 also shows some interest in digital art as well. He has been drawing for just under 3 years, and has already won some awards on a national level. Though he does not have many finished works up in his galery, (many of them being WIPs) he hopes to get more up soon.

:iconkyleholland: KyleHolland
Kyle is  17 and really interested in Art. He has taken art in school all of his life and is getting ready to go to Art college to get a degree in Art. He has 166 pageviews.

:iconklazien: klazien
Klazien likes to draw portraits in the first place, because she loves people.

:iconkivii: kivii
Self- taught artist. She uses acrylics, oil-colours and charcoal for her works.

:iconk-6: K-6
K-6 is a 15 year old girl who loves blood, pain and killing, but has chosen to draw cutesy fuzzy wuzzy anime to accumulate popularity before she can start drawing anything fun.

:iconkatzik: katzik
Kadri is a 22 years old girl from Tallinn, Estonia. She has been attending art classes since she was 10. She just graduated university with cum laude and is currently working in merchandising. Next to work, Kadri does mostly portraits, but receintly she has also tried to do her first oil paintings.

:iconkarokind: KaroKind
Her Name is Katja. She comes from Hannover Germany and is 16 years old..Most of all she like s to take Photos of Animals Plants and People.


:iconlironada: Lironada
Liron is a talented photographer - and has been taking pictures for at least 5 years.

:iconleo1540: leo1540
He's a 20 year old living in Texas. A self taught traditional pencil artist who likes drawing diverse subject matter that includes portraits, landscapes, anything eye catching, and elaborate.

:iconlight-and-shadows: Light-and-Shadows
She is a traditional artist in her 3rd year of art school with a concentration in ceramics and printmaking, but she also loves making all kinds of art and looks for new things. Always looking to improve her artwork, Light-and-Shadows is ready to learn from others, and takes criticism in stride. She also loves Japanese culture, and is currently minoring in Asian studies and avidly learning the Japanese language.

:iconlanetlibattaniye: lanetlibattaniye
He is magician who wanders among the paints and brushes.

:iconladylianna: ladylianna
Ladylianna is an 18 year old self taught artist from England working mostly in pen and ink and watercolour (but likes coloured pencils). She mostly produces Horror & Macabre and Surreal illustrations.

:iconlumpy25: Lumpy25
Her name is Jenya, and she's from Israel. A self tought artist and most with work that ranges in the pencil art category. She recently got into digital art.

:iconlemon-aid: lemon-aid
Her name is Guilia Rossi, an italien 21 year old willing to follow a career in photography. She is a self taught artist, but she is now taking professional classes to improve her skills.

:iconlyallity: Lyallity
She's a self learning artist... until she would enter a digital art school next year as she hopes. Her interests in arts holds photomanipulation and photography for her work, any kind of arts for others work. Maybe one day she would become a professional graphist. Cross your fingers for her !

:iconlorelai82: Lorelai82
23 year old girl from germany who loves to draw, loves her mechanical pencils and her drawings has to look realistic as much as they can.

:iconlianne-issa: Lianne-Issa
Lianne is new to Deviant Art, she joined in August 2006. She is a pencil artist who's only been drawing for a few months. Her favourite hobbies include listening to music, singing, danicing about being silly and of course drawing. She hopes to one day be good enough to sell her work.

:iconlaartista: Laartista
Mindy is 26 years old and currently holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. She will be working towards her Masters degree in Education shortly. While her favorite type of art to do are portraits, she admires many different types of art. Her dream is to illustrate and write her own series of childrens books.

:iconlunaruru: lunaruru
Now a traditional illustration student of Academy of Art University, San Francisco. A girl that born in Hong Kong who loves to play video games, read comics, watch animations and of course drawing ^_^ Recently fighting with tons of homework

:iconper-svanstrom: Per-Svanstrom
Is a 23 year old guy from Sweden. He is a traditional artist. His favorite elements are graphite pencils. He wants to be a member of this club because he thinks his work deserves more attention. and also because he wants to participate in the contests.
He has been a member on DA for 11 months.

:iconladylionink: ladylionink
Fantasy artist with a manga stlye. working in traditional and digital media.

:iconlabelleelle: LaBelleElle
Eleanor is 17 and is a graduating senior from a small high school in Texas. She will be attending the University of Texas in the fall of 2007 as a film major, but loves and wishes to continue her artistic abilities on the side. She prefers traditional styles of art, and pastel pencils are her preferred choice in medium.

:iconlittle-sugar-fairy: little-sugar-fairy
Isabelle is a young girl of 17, her passions are drawing, painting, and archeology.
She started to draw since the day she could keep a pen in her hand ! Then she improved herself without having art lessons.
From the age of 8 to 12 she took watercolours lessons.
At 13 she made an exhibition in a village (south of France), she won the first price: "young hopes".
She will enter in a university of history of arts in autumn, so go ahead and support my art , I will be very proud and happy.

:iconlinnch: linnch
linnch is 1st grade graphic design student from montenegro. his style could be described as character-based design.


:iconmoniki: Moniki
Born in Montreal, Moniki showed a marked interest for painting at a tender age, with a preference for portraits . She lived for six years in Africa where she developed an ability for doing portraits from other cultures. Her favourite mediums is oil and acrylic but she also likes to draw with colour pencils.

:iconmartelle: martelle
She is a 16 year old traditional artist from Bulgaria, loves to draw and photograph her friends and silly things.

:iconmarthapart:  MarthaPArt Mwp1988(Martha W. Pennington) was born and lives in Tucson, AZ. She has always liked to create images on paper. She first began drawing anime but has now decided to remain with protrait and fantasy art.

:iconmanje: manje
She's a 22 year old girl from an asian country named Maldives. She's been drawing all her life but have recieved no professional art education. She loves to draw portraits and her gallery is dominated by portraits done in pencil which happens to be her favotire medium.

:iconmarienvo: Marienvo
He is a 'general digital photographer' since december 2005, and especially interested in nature and architecture photography. Marien is 21 years old, and proud owner of a Nikon D50.

:iconmasterofshadows: masterofshadows
A thirty-something ;) Canadian living overseas for over a third of his life, the Master is truly a deviant of many talents. Currently his gallery mostly comprises photographs through which he attempts to share the beauty he has witnessed during the course of his various travels and outdoor activities...

:iconmygirl: mygirl
She is 17 and always have been drawing. She's now in an art program but it's her first time having art classes. She really wants to improve and so she tries lots of different things. She is into traditionnal and digital media.

:iconheyitsmyles: heyitsmyles
Lives in Saskatoon, aged 16, wants to be more active in the art scene on devart, and wants to make new friends.

:iconmmkn: mmkn
His name is mmkn, he is an architect who does various kinds of arts
and wants to learn and produce some beautiful art work.

:iconmightyflup: mightyflup
Some say he was born holding his D70 others say he has lenses for eyes, all we know that he's called the mightyflup.

:iconmoonythestrals: MoonyThestrals
Kali is a sophomore at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, a place she claims to have arrived at because she got lost on the way to art school. All joking aside, she loves drawing, & sees it as a most effective means of keeping herself relaxed & sane.
Her gallery is mostly portraits of actors & actresses, & she actively argues that she can't be blamed for choosing aesthetically pleasing subjects over those that are not. She enjoys Blue Oyster Cult, the Boondock Saints, rain, scarves, & tea. She likes kittens & sunsets & long walks on the beach as well - something upon which she will refrain from elaborating, as she is pretty sure it is irrelevant to this particular decision-making process.
She admires the concept of this DA community, & commends its maintainers for making the effort to promote those artists the rest of the larger community would have otherwise overlooked. She would like to thank you for considering her application, & hope that she has not taken the "third person" point of view far too literally.

:iconmossi-mo: mossi-mo
Is a 16 year old self-taught mixed artist who prefers pencil as a medium. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and writing stories since middle school. Recently she has also gotten into photography, as well as different mediums with which to create art. One day she hopes to be able to pursue sculpture and oil painting. Her style ranges from general anime, to minamalistic realism.

:iconmonsaret: monsaret
Can has interested in photography by the influence of his relatives. Sİnce 2004, when he bought his first camera, he has been taking photographs. He improved himself by reading books, with advices of his uncles and taking more and more photographs. Canon EOS 350D camera using monsaret is interested in taking nature and landscape photos and nowadays concentrating on portraits. In March, April and December 2005, his photos have been elected for exhibeetion of Bilim Teknik Magazine and monsaret has an online gallery in [[link] . After his conservatoire degree on violin Can is studying mining engineering in Istanbul Technical University.

:iconmaskofmirrors: maskofmirrors
24 year old retired navy veteran, who loves life,and even more so, loves to create from the inspirations given to him from it. He is a traditional artist, and he uses black ink on white paper to draw his pieces. He has developed a certain style with his work, so that even though each drawing may be different- they still keep a uniform display so that the viewer can tell that they all belong to him.

:iconmr-sisson: Mr-Sisson
Dylan Sisson was raised in Washougal in Washington State. He left Washougal to study typography, printmaking, and comic books. He currently resides in San Francsico, where he draws and paints wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth.

:iconmegger: Megger
Megger is 15, dables in many different forms of drawing, Likes anime and Cging the best, and all around appreciates art.

:iconmojopina: mojopina
Mojopina is a doctorate student in literature and is interested in world literature, architecture and drawing. she is a self-train-ed/-ing amateur pencil artist and is particularly interested in portraits.

:iconmomojj: momojj
Guy from İstanbul. He loves drawing but hasn't received any art education, draws mostly portraits&figures and tries to make them look realistic. He is also interested in surrealism and likes to create surreal illustrations.

:iconmarcusfearnley: marcusfearnley
A 24 year old UK artist, interested in pencil art, painting and photography. He is currently working on drawing realistic pencil portraits to improve technique, although plans to start more artistically ambitious works in the near future.

:iconmojorison: mojorison
Justin Byerline is a freelance photographer from The United States. He is very dedicated to his work as well as getting his work exposed while helping others do the same. Justin is experienced in selective coloring, photomanipulation, black and whte/sepia toning, landscape of many areas such as city life country life and more.

Morbid-stitches makes one of a kind and custom orders, clothing, accessories, cosplay, gothic lolita and costume design for people of all sizes. Her favorite styles are gothic lolita/harajuku and rocker/punk/emo/goth. She loves to base her clothing on Asian street wear and is planning on opening an Etsy store in May 2008.

:iconmaryisme: maryisme
mary is a silly spontanious person who is always trying to make people laugh.likes to draw. and has been since 2nd grade then stopped for a long time and barely started up again less than a year ago.shes been told she has a great tallent by her peers but she is humble about her work.

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hartnett Featured By Owner May 7, 2007
hey there, just wonderin if i got a yea or nea about a membership
MakerMeeter Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2006
Why am i not under M?
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2006
Send us your description in the 3rd person again.

Thank you.
MakerMeeter Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2006
lol i sent you one ages ago lol and i was up there in your last members lists but ok ill try and describe myself again lol :sending note soon:
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2006
I know you did, but if you read our past journals, you would have known that we had a lot of problems due to the lack of space on our journals.

But no worries, you are still a Talent Club member :)
MakerMeeter Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2006
ok fair enough.
ohh and :woot: member still
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2006
:) we wouldn't want to miss someone as talented as you are!
MakerMeeter Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2006
dont patronise me lol
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2006
I'm not...
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alientwilight Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
i have a few entries i want to enter for life but i can't choose.
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
Send a note to =Shluh and ask him, he's in charge, maybe he will help you pick, who knows. Hehe
EternalDystopia Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006
I have a photo that I really want to submit. I've been sick/bedridden for about 5 weeks now so I haven't been able to get out to take photos which reeeallly sucks. Would I be able to enter this photo [link] even though I put it up late July? It's one of the last times I could get out before I got this stupid flu.
talentclub Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
hi there

there are no restrictions in sending your entry, even if it was a 100 y's old :)
so no need to send me a note now , i'll just import that one

noMMiss Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006
Yeah. Agreeing.
One week is a bit short..
I would definately participate if it was two weeks!
talentclub Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006
We decided to extend it for 2 weeks. Better? hehe
noMMiss Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006
A lot better. =)
I'll submit my contribution when the time is right [within the two weeks] =P
Shluh Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2006
ElviraVonNosferatus Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
hey cool idea for contest... but isn`t it too short? i think at least two weeks are ok... week seems quite short to me... :(
i still hope i can make it :)
talentclub Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006
i'll see what i can do :)
starryangeldream Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2006
yay hefen!! :boogie:
hefen Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
thanks for the award you guy ! :hug: :bounce: you seriously rock ! :D
talentclub Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
Anytime :) You deserved it !
hefen Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2006
Stapic Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
wow thats really nice of him to expose more artists:) a lot of people would only want to expose themselfs, good on him:D
Kreld Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
oh Dreft club i barly knew you
qubii Featured By Owner May 16, 2006  Hobbyist
Thank You :-) veryyyyy muuuuch :-)
talentclub Featured By Owner May 16, 2006
Anytime sweetheart, you deserved it.
littlefairie Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2006
Hopefully I can get one in on time! My scanner broke on me the other day...
talentclub Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2006
How much time will you need dear ?
littlefairie Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
I'm not sure...we're kinda *cough* broke right now...but no worries! If I get it in, I get it in! If not....I'll just submit it to the gallery!
talentclub Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
Haha, yeah I know the the feeling.
But why not take a picture of it, digitally, I'm sure you got friends who own one?
littlefairie Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
I'll try that. I've got a great idea for the picture!
talentclub Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
Great :)
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats, =hollowfyre! I've seen you around here quite a bit; so busy! :P
hollowfyre Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
Thank you very much for the Member of the Month recognition. I am very honored because this club has so many awesome members! This club is the only reason my work started to be recognised at all, and I owe a debt of gartitude to you all.

:hug: Thanks again.
talentclub Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
You deserved it :)
Heartburn-Aching Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006
sounds like a fun thing...wonder if I can get my ass together and make an entry ^^;
talentclub Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2006
Well, we definitely hope to have one of your entries.
The theme is pretty simple, doesnt involve much "hard thinking" for those lazy ones ;P

Good luck!
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... thanks, guys... now I feel bad for having not been here the past few days, but school is murder, ya know? All I can say is: Thanks. I really mean it. :D It's great to be part of such a community-minded bunch... I'm off to browse.
M-Kunoya Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2005
hey wow! that's pretty darn awesome, congrats you :hug:
but see, it says we're gonna work on dat comic, so now we're roped. XD
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:blush: Why thank ye. Yep, we need to get started--if we can actually stay on topic.
M-Kunoya Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Speaking of which: any title ideas?
Bobby-Sandhu Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
k-hallowseve.... i tell you something about her..... she always answers all her comments... even the ones at the other pages..... i had so many long.... ultra long convos with her.. so i know.. wonderful artist.. =)
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh, oops... ^^;
Bobby-Sandhu Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh yeah.... i said that.. =)
k-hallowseve Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:D And here we go again (nah, I'm kidding).
germanyarmy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
how to link our picture?
talentclub Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
Just copy the URL, that means "the name of the site on the address bar" like www.something com
then you paste it here, and automatically it will turn into a link.
Let us know, if ur still having problems.
Hope we will be getting your entry soon :)
germanyarmy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
ok, ok :) thank's . I will try to make one. oh btw, what about the id size?Well, if it's too big, it won't fit, rite :)
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